"Let’s continue to the stage, where Karen is rehearsing “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in a mechanical pop head-voice that nobody is going to be able to fucking hear past the second row, no matter how manfully Ann Harada (who is the only tech person employed on this entire production, it would seem) cranks up the amplification. Also, that pregnant heifer “Rebecca Duvall’s” costume is WAAAAAAAAAYYYY too big on her, proving once again Kat McPhee’s superior thinness, and thus by Hollywood standards, effectively laying all lingering doubts about her talent or suitability for stardom to rest. Because what’s really important is how everyone makes a big public deal about how they have to take in all your costumes, because that’s how tiny you are."

Smash Recap: The (Less) Fat Lady Sings

Theresa Rebeck once again proves how good terrible she is at writing about women.